For Parents

Parenting is an enormous task. Providing for the healthcare of your child is one of the most important tasks you have as a parent. We are grateful that you have chosen us to assist you in accomplishing this. There is a wealth of health related information available to parents in an almost equally large variety of forms: books, websites, magazines, talk shows, chat rooms, classes, support groups, not to mention the age old sources of relatives and friends. We hope you will consider us as one of your prime sources of information related to your child’s health. To the left, we have included some information sources by developmental age that we have found useful. These are not intended to replace the dialogue we want to have with you about your child, but rather to supplement it.

Usage of electronic devices in our office

In today’s world it seems only natural to take photos, videos and audio of significant events and not think twice about it but we wish to remind all of our parents, family members and other responsible parties that Lakeside Pediatrics is not a public place, and patients and members of Lakeside’s workforce have an expectation of privacy. In addition, Lakeside has a legal obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any protected health information which includes patient identities. Therefore Lakeside Pediatrics will not allow any creation, storage or use of any form of photographs, videos or audio files taken while on any Lakeside Pediatrics property without the express written consent of Lakeside Pediatrics and all parties involved. So before snapping that photo or capturing that video or audio we do require authorization forms to be completed by all parties who may be captured in your recorded moment.