Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Card and Driver's License are required at every visit.
Payment is due at the time of services. Copays are due on check in. Co-Insurances and Deductibles will be estimated and are expected to be paid at checkout. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, personal checks and cash.
New patients must be accompanied by at least one of their biological parents for their first visit.
You can pick your Doctor or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (Usual Caregiver) and ask for them each time you schedule with us.
Please keep us updated with phone, address and insurance changes. This will make your visit go faster when you arrive. When you pre-register with our online electronic check in and reminder system, you will get the opportunity to update all of this information for our files.
We allow you to call up to one hour prior to your appointment time to reschedule your appointment. If you do not call at least 1 hour ahead or don’t call at all your appointment will be classified as DNKA (Did Not Keep Appointment). More than 3 DNKAs may get you dismissed from the practice.
Vaccine Schedules from the CDC must be followed – we are a Pro-Vaccine Provider.
Your email is safe with us. We ask for your email address to setup FollowMyHealth (FMH), an online secure portal which allows you to use our website to Request an Appointment, Ask a Biller, Request a Refill, Pay a Bill and stay in touch with us at your convenience. We will never allow your email to be used for solicitation.
Your appointment time and your expected arrival time are 2 separate things. We require you to arrive early by 15 minutes per child being seen for paperwork – we have lots of electronic and paper forms to complete at each visit. Your appointment time will be the time we reserved for your child to see their provider.
The list is too long! Our list of Insurance Companies is available on our website: > About Us > Insurances Plans.
We need the legal documents like the adoption agreement and court order finalizing adoption or court order for foster care.
18 year olds are considered legal adults, so parents you will need your adult child’s permission to see and/or ask for their medical records.
Refills = minimum 24 hours; Referrals(NON-STAT) = 7 to 10 business days; Physical Forms/Shot Records = minimum 24 hours if the patient had a physical with us in the past 12 months, usually 7-10 business days.
First Visit for Newborns is 24 hours after hospital discharge or 2 weeks depending on your child’s condition at the time of birth; then at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15 ,18, 24, 30 and 36 MONTHS. After that every YEAR from age 4 to 18 years old.