Clinic Visits

Most types of office visits are by appointment only. Should your child experience a severe illness for which you feel immediate medical attention is necessary, it is best to call our office first. In some instances the level of care needed by your child may exceed what we can provide in our office, and we will need to refer you to the Pediatric Emergency Department at Lakeland Regional Health. If you feel your child is suffering a sudden life threatening illness you should call 911.

Every effort will be made to schedule appointments with the physician or nurse practitioner of your choice, at the location you would prefer. If you have a preference please let the receptionist know this when you call to schedule the appointment. In the event of an urgent medical problem, or if the preferred physician or nurse practitioner is out of the office, an alternate provider will be suggested. If you anticipate that a particular problem will require extra time to evaluate, please let us know when you make the appointment. (Common ex-amples of this would be behavioral problems, chronic headaches, or abdominal pain.)

Once scheduled, our automated check-in and reminder system will send you an email and text message link to complete your check in prior to your arrival at our offices. The link will also contain some but not all of the required paperwork. Completing this process at your convenience ahead of time will help you get your child into their exam more quickly. We realize that for unexpected reasons you may be unable to keep an appointment. We simply request the courtesy of a phone call to cancel the appointment at least one hour in advance since unkept appointments prevent us from efficiently providing care to our patients.


When possible it is best that a parent or legal guardian accompany your child to the office. We REQUIRE that a parent or legal guardian accompany the child on the FIRST VISIT to the practice since a complete medical history must be obtained. Parent/Legal Guardian attendance is especially important at the preventive care visits (“well baby/child check ups”) since we cover many issues and problems including self management care which the parents would be best able to discuss. However, we realize that circumstances sometime prevent your attendance therefore our office can provide you with an “Authorization to Treat” form which will allow you to specify those individuals whom you empower to make medical decisions in your absence. Please be aware that except in the instance of a true medical emergency, we cannot legally treat your child in your absence without such an authorization.