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Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines do not cause autism!!! Woot woot!!! A new study just published this month on the Annals of Internal Medicine, had more than 650,000 children enrolled in the study and found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. While doctors and scientists have known about this fact for a long time, it is reassuring to the public, parents and medical community, that once again it has been confirmed.

Let’s back up for a minute. How did people come to doubt vaccination? Oh right, that study. In 1998, the medical journal Lancet published a study headed by Andrew Wakefield. The study reported that there was a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This study was surprising to all, as at the time, a link between these had not been found. Upon further review of such study, it was found that it was flawed and a lot of the results had been manipulated and made up. The fraudulent study received a lot of press, especially as it was quoted by some celebrities in their anti-vax campaigns. The scientific community was able to debunk the study, the co-authors of the study retracted their names and the article, and in the end, Andrew Wakefield even lost his medical license for falsifying results. The debunking of the article did not get even close to the same attention or publicity as the first article did initially. This has been so damaging to the image of vaccination and I am sad to say to the many children that have been placed at risk from parents withholding vaccines as a direct result from this study.

Over the years, even though we know that vaccines do not cause autism, we have had few large specific studies that can help us back up this statement. So I am happy to report such study has come to light, and these are the best news of the week!!! This comes as we are experiencing resurgence and outbreak of measles, a disease that can be prevented by the very same vaccine we are taking about in these studies, the MMR vaccination. If these children had gotten the MMR vaccine, maybe this outbreak would not have happened. Measles is a very sad illness, especially when it occurs in young children, and it can even be deadly. There are some children that cannot have vaccination, due to problems such as a compromised immunity, and they are suffering as they are catching measles and getting sicker than ever. It is my hope that the news of this study spread like a wildfire and people begin vaccinating their children routinely.

So, the take home message for this month’s blog:

  • Vaccines do not cause autism
  • MMR does not cause autism
  • New study is out, check it out!
  • Please stop the outbreak and VACCINATE your children!

References: Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study