Preventative Health Care

We offer well child visits at regular intervals.   As a standard of practice we follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for well child visits. To see a preventative care schedule for this age group, click here.

When possible, it is best that a parent or legal guardian, rather than a relative or babysitter, accompany your child to our office. We feel that this is especially important at the preventative care visits (“well child visits”) since we cover many issues and problems with which the parents would be more able to discuss.

Preventative care for the 6 to 12 year old involves annual assessments of nutrition, development, behavior, education, lifestyle, and physical health. These assessments are important to the health of your child.  You will find that our providers require you to be able to answer a wide range of questions about your child which are specific to the age of your child.  Your answers are the key to guiding our providers in the care and treatment of your child and of course keeping your child healthy.