As your child reaches this stage of life they are earning and you are permitting additional freedoms.  With this new found freedom come additional safety considerations.  The safety of your child is your top priority.  We would like to offer you some things to consider in the safety of your child:

Motor Vehicle Safety: Riding in a car seems harmless enough but every year unrestrained children are critically injured and killed in motor vehicle accidents and many times it is not due to excessive speeds.  Please visit the following websites for information on how properly restrain your child while in a motor vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Safety Resources:

Internet / Cell Phones / Social Media Websites: Technology moves at blinding speeds these days and you as a parent are somehow expected to keep up.  Whether it is texting, talking or surfing your teen is capable being exposed to unsafe conditions.  Please visit the following website for tips on how to keep your child safe with Technology.

Technology Safety Resources:

Bicycle / Scooter / Skate Board Safety: Helmets are not just for football and hockey.  Helmets are a necessity when your child uses any type wheeled vehicle be it a bicycle, scooter, skates or a skate board.  Protect their heads. Please visit the following website for information on Helmet Safety.

Helmet Safety Resources:

Sports Safety: Most teens will be actively involved in sports.  Sports give your teen the ability to learn life long lessons on the importance of an active lifestyle, team building, organizational skills and of course safe fun.  Sports can also bring injury.  Please visit the following website for additional advice on Sports and Safety:

Sports Safety Resources:

More Information: For more safety tips and education please follow these very informative links:

Additional Resources: