Let’s face it parenting is at times overwhelming.  The safety of your child is your top priority and no matter whether you are considering furniture, toys, bedding, clothing you cannot help but wonder, “What is safe for my child?”.  We would like to offer you some things to consider to help keep your child safe:

Child proofing your home: Your home is supposed to be a safe place but when you consider all the places your child will explore you will find there are many ways they could be hurt.  Child proof locks for your cabinets and drawers are sold at your local hardware store and are a perfect way to give you peace of mind. UP, UP and Away!   Consider moving your harmful household chemicals to one locked cabinet up high and away from your child’s little hands.

Car Seat Safety: Riding in a car seems harmless enough but every year unrestrained children are critically injured and killed in motor vehicle accidents and many times it is not due to excessive speeds.  Please visit the following website for information on how properly restrain your child while in a motor vehicle.

Car Seat Safety Resources:

Bicycle / Scooter / Skate Board Safety: Helmets are not just for football and hockey.  Helmets are a necessity when your child uses any type wheeled vehicle be it a bicycle, scooter, skates or a skate board.  Protect their heads. Please visit the following website for information on Helmet Safety.

Helmet Safety Resources:

Water / Pool Safety : Here in Florida your child has access to all kinds of bodies of water.  If you have a pool you probably have considered your child’s safety around water but pools are not the only way a child can be harmed by water.  Ponds, lakes, canals, ditches, neighbors unsecured pool areas and even bathtubs can pose a threat.

More Information: For more safety tips and education please follow these very informative links.

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