Breastfeeding Support Group

As part of our on-going aim to keep parents educated and informed on breastfeeding and related issues, there will be a Breastfeeding Support Group twice a month: The first Saturday of the month from 9-10 at our North office and the third Thursday of the month from 6-7 at our South office .

These support group meetings are an excellent time for any parent with a breastfed baby to stop in and have their baby weighed, and talk with other parents.   A Peer Counselor who is trained in Breastfeeding support will be at these meetings as well as our own Nurse Practitioner, Cynthia Wallace.

Please remember to encourage any parent of a breastfed infant of any age to stop by our support group meetings.  It is our hope to create a stronger Breastfeeding community with support groups like this at Lakeside Pediatrics.