5 Years Ahead of the Pack, Lakeside Pediatrics Moves to Second Generation Electronic Health Record

Lakeside Pediatrics has been using an electronic health record since 2006, almost 5 years before the government mandated Health Records be electronic.  Monday June 11th we will be rolling out our second generation electronic health record.  Please be patient with us as we transition to a more sophisticated and more efficient record.  In anticipation of the new electronic health record we have added different electronic systems to improve our services to you and to offer you multiple avenues to reach us with your requests:

1.     A secure patient portal which allows the user a secured website

to log into for:

a.       Requesting Appointments

b.      Paying an Outstanding Bill

c.       Registering a Patient or Updating Demographic Information

Coming Soon with our new health record:

d.      Lab Results

e.      Asking Questions of Our Staff

2.     Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter so

Like us and Follow us today.

3.       EHRPro Electronic Health Records

Why did we take on the expense and the time to build an electronic record so far in advance?  Simple, electronic records make medicine safer and more efficient.  To us it made good sense to allow our parents the flexibility to go to either of our locations whenever it was convenient for them and for them to know that all the providers and staff had instant access to the health records at all times.  It made sense that a prescription could be faxed or electronically prescribed directly to your pharmacy of choice.  It made sense to make the record completely legible by using a typed document rather than a hand written one.  It made sense to us to have a complete story on all of our patients’ health with searchable screens giving the clinical staff clear synopsis’ of the trends in the patients care and condition.  It just made good sense.  Now, that good sense is transitioning to an even more powerful and efficient record.  We value your patronage and thank you for your trust.