Influenza, the “Flu Vaccine” and Other Winter Topics

December 2015

So far this year had proven difficult for those trying to be healthy and get vaccinated for the “flu”. Shortages of vaccine, especially the Flumist and vaccine sourced from the state for our patients on Medicaid insurances, have created delays in getting kids vaccinated. The best advice, if we have told you we don’t have vaccine in stock, is to check with us again in a couple of weeks. We never get much notice about a shipment.

Regarding the flu vaccine: Many parents choose to decline the vaccine for their children. Usually this is not wise. We encourage you to do some research from credible sources. Vaccination is really a “no-brainer” once you know all the facts. Influenza is not the same as most respiratory viruses. It kills about 30,000 in the U.S. each year. Check out Families Fighting Flu at .

For children with certain risk factors, influenza can be particularly bad. Young infants, children with asthma or other respiratory disorders, and those other types of chronic health issues are at the greatest risk. Call us promptly for advice if your child develops high fever with cough, congestion, and body aches.