by Sairah Chachad, MD

┬áIf there is one time of the day, children are “starving”, it is when they return from school. Though it is tempting to stop at the many fast food restaurants on the way home, it is important that parents make this snack a healthy one. Kids have homework, after school sport activities, etc. that require concentration in spite of the long day at school. They can be run down and inattentive if they don’t eat well. Dinner is still a long way off.

Rather than offering cookies and chips, there are plenty of healthy alternatives. Whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese, fruits, granola bars and nuts are tasty as well as nutritious. Give them water to drink. Sugary drinks like juice or soda only increase sugar intake and offer no nutritional value. Here are some websites that can help you create delicious snacks. Involve your child in preparing simple snacks with you. Eat a snack with them to set a good example.